5 Cheap and Easy Kibble Add-Ins



You have heard , from seemingly EVERYWHERE, that kibble is not good for your dog – even if you feed the so-called good brands.

You understand that feeding raw or home cooked is something you should probably do, but who has the time?  Right?

We are all busy!  And to make matters even tougher, we are all on a budget.

Who has time to make a balanced meal from scratch, let alone a rotating diet of protein sources.

And forget about purchasing the already made ones.  They’re SOOO expensive!  And, honestly, a lot of them aren’t that much better than kibble.

But you would love to:

  • have you dog’s coat soft and silky again
  • to see his eyes brighten
  • to boost his immune system so he can fend off illness(no surprise bills)
  • sharpen her brain (make training easier)

Why not just add some fresh foods into your dog’s kibble?

It’s been shown to be effective in boosting the health of many dogs, so why not yours?

Super easy! 

My cheat sheets show you 5 cheap, easy to find and effective fruits and veggies you can easily add to your dog’s food in just minutes a meal.

I’ve included Pro Tips on preparing and serving, but just because they are Pro Tips doesn’t mean they are hard or time consuming.

Go ahead.  Grab your sheets right now.

5 Cheap & Easy Kibble Add-Ins