dog bowl

Dog Bowl


What does Feed Well even mean?

It just means feeding the best you can, within your lifestyle and budget.

If it’s kibble, that’s fine, but consider some easy add-ins to make kibble (any kibble) even better.

Why?  What does this have to do with separation anxiety?

To sharpen your dog’s brain.  A sharp brain makes training easier.

To sharpen your dogs immune system.  A body that isn’t fighting off infection or inflammation isn’t ready to take on new things.

To improve the functioning of every cell in your dog’s body.  A dog ready, willing and able to make changes.


It sounds great!

But I don’t have the time – or the finances.

I feel ya.


That’s why I give your really easy and inexpensive ways to boost your dog’s kibble nutrition.


If you need help finding the best kibble on your budget, go here.


Other benefits:

How would you like to run your hands through your dog’s coat and feel soft, silky hair?

Yep.  No more coarse, gritty, or even oily hair.


How would you like to see your dog’s eyes bright and full of happiness again?

Gone are dull eyes full of eye boogers.


And how about preventing future illnesses?

You’ll save money by not needing to go to the vet more often.


Can add-ins really do all of this?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is it depends on what your dog has to overcome healthwise.

No matter what, add-ins will give your dog a better chance at good health than if you didn’t provide them at all.


So if add-ins can be cheap, easy and fast, why not provide them?

Check out these cheat sheets.  They can get you started on the easy path to add-ins.

Bonus.  They contain Pro-Tips.  Don’t worry.  They are super easy.


You can even go here to check out a video I made about one of the add-ins on the cheat sheets (be gentle, it was my first ever video).


I hope you are getting excited to provide health boosting add-ins for your dog.  They really are very, very easy.


Live, Love, Bark,