Calm Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety.


Your dog is so distressed!

She is destroying doors, furniture, rugs, pillows.

The neighbors have had it with her constant barking while you are gone.

She even does her business in the middle of the familyroom floor when you leave.

You’re even considering giving her to a family who is home most of the time so she can get the attention she needs.

WHOA!  Slow down.  Back up the bus.

Your dog doesn’t want another family!  She wants the one she is in.

What is actually going on is  she is desperately trying to keep you safe.

You are a valued member of her family.  When you disappear, she becomes worried.

Like a parent would with their child.

Think about it.  If you had a toddler and he walked out the front door, but you were somehow locked inside, unable to get to him, what would you do?

Sit quietly and wait?

See if he makes it out into the road?


You would scream, shout, make any type of loud noise you could in order to get your toddler’s (or a passing person’s) attention.

You would get tools to somehow pry open the front door or break windows.

You would try to do anything that might help your toddler find his way back home.  This is where your dog doing her business in the house comes in.

A dog’s sense of smell is their best sense (for humans it is usually sight).  Other dogs can figure out who left urine and/or feces on their usual walking route.  When you leave and your dog does her business in the house, she is actually leaving a sent trail, hoping you will find your way home.

Is this starting to make sense?

This is instinctual for dogs.  They are not trying to get back at you or anything else.  They are just afraid for you.

What we want to do is flip the tables.

We want your dog to understand that you are the one who gets to worry about her.  You are the one who takes care of her.  You are the one who provides for her.

When this happens, you take all of that pressure off your dog.  The only responsibility your dog will have is to be herself, and be your friend.

That’s what you want, right?

And you can do it simply and naturally.

It only takes 5 steps.

And I break those steps down even further.  I deliver them bite-by-bite.  This avoids overwhelm, especially if you live a busy life.  It also makes the process easier to stick with.

If you stick with it, you will see change.

You will develop an incredible relationship.

Your dog will calm.

You’ll almost forget your dog had ever had separation anxiety at all.


I will be developing an online course in the near future.

In the mean time, if you want one-on-one help via skype (or some other video system) contact me.


Once you have this great relationship, you can go on to teach your dog many other things!

This awesome online training series can teach you all the tricks, like sit, down, stay, recall, etc – to include dealing with behavior issues such as jumping on people and barking at seemingly nothing.  This gal helps you tap into your dog’s hidden potential.  Check it out.


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