Holistic Living

Stop Scratching

How can I stop my dog’s constant scratching?

The first step is to look at your dog’s food bowl.

Boost the immune system and figure out if she has any allergies.

The second step is to try to provide the most natural and balanced lifestyle you can for your dog. Less chemical, more natural. Less rigid, more flow. Living with the seasons.

Fewer Chemicals

Not just in their food, but in their environment.

Using natural, non-toxic, cleaning products.

Finding natural, non-toxic ways to take care of your yard.

Using safe products to place on your pet – like shampoo, foot care, etc.

The links are just ideas for what I am talking about.  I am not affiliated with any of them.

Living With The Seasons

Each season brings its own unique foods to help your dog’s (and your own) body create it’s best health.

For example, Spring is a time of renewal.  It’s a time to lighten up and drain the body from the heavier foods of Winter.  Sprouts, baby greens, bitter greens, and the like are on the menu.  Bitter greens are the ones that help your body to drain, unclog congestion – not just from mucus, but the liver as well.

I hope to inspire this sense of living in harmony with the seasons, and further that harmony to your own local’s seasonal foods.

Using What The Earth Provides

Dogs naturally choose herbs, fruits, and even grasses to help remedy simple body woes. Something a lot of us have forgotten about.

It’s time to bring those natural remedies back into our dog’s lives (even our own). Sometimes gentle is just what the body ordered.

Being Fully Present

Taking note of just who your dog is, how he reacts, loves, finds joy and why.

Making a true connection with your dog.

Loving who your dog is.