How To Choose Your Perfect Puppy – part 3




Did you know dogs, generally speaking, are like two year olds?  Yep.  So think about having a two year old, in the form of a dog, for many years to come.

Can you deal with that?


Another age related theory is that yes, dogs age about 7 years to one of our years, but the first year is double.

In other words, when your puppy hits a year of age they are around 14 years in human age (Uugh!  A teenager!).

At age two, they are about 21 years in human age, etc.

Those teen years can be tough.


In fact, around 6 months to a year of age is about the time dog guardians start having behavior issues with their dogs.

It’s not cute anymore and someone might get hurt.

You will try everything you can think of, including traditional dog training classes (sit, down, leave it, etc.).

My question is, if your dog isn’t listening to you at home, why would your dog want to obey commands?

This is when people resort to harsh punishments for bad behavior, even using shock collars (some try ignoring bad behavior and praising good behavior with limited success).


Why go through this?

The trouble is, even though dogs have learned it is beneficial for them to be in relationship with humans, they operate like dogs.

No matter how many human traits we try to put on them, dogs do NOT operate like humans.

It’s instinctive, in their DNA, to be dogs.

They do NOT understand our rules for living, they understand their rules for living (dog code).

What is extremely important to us, is not important to them.

Even being loved on is not important to them (sorry), but being part of a pack is.

It’s the code of a dog pack that is important to a dog.


Plan a course for action to get your puppy off on the right foot in his new pack (your family).

Learn the 5 Simple Steps of Dog Code.

They are actually super simple and will make living with your dog extremely easy.

When these steps are in place, sit, stay, come and walk (heal) will be a dream to teach.

Your puppy will want to do these things.

Nipping, biting and chewing will be resolved easily.


These 5 steps revolve around how you feed, greet, interact, take care of danger and walk with your dog.

It’s super simple and well worth your time to learn these steps. 

Contact me.

Now is the time to start your puppy off right.


What quick tips do you have for aggressive behavior?  Let us know in the comments below.


Live, Love, Bark,



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