These people and places are great resources for raising holistic pets.

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Dr Karen Becker

Dr Judy Morgan

Rodney Habib



Walking Tools

So many choices, but here are some of my picks:



They are 6 feet to give your dog some room when it is “smell time” during their walk.

Leather for strength and if you use suttle sensations to cue your dog – such as gently pulsing the leash to get their attention.

Chain for dogs who bite at their leash.  In time this leash will stop that.

Nylon is also a great option.



I love the Kurgo, especially for hard to fit dogs.  This one adjusts everywhere and comes with a seatbelt clip.

The Easy Walk is also a good option when training your dog to walk calmly with you.  If the front sags a bit in front (it does on some dogs) get a clip to clip it to your dog’s collar.



RX Probiotics for great gut health.  Improves health, well-being, and mood.

RX Vitamins If you prepare your own food, these come in very handy for balancing the nutrient content of your dog’s food.

RX Zyme If your dog has tummy troubles and needs help digesting foods.  They could help reduce mild constipation‚ bloating‚ and gas.



This Heavy Duty kennel is the one my daughter used while eliminating separation anxiety.  Her dog is a large, strong pit bull who destroyed regular kennels and a Kong kennel.  She couldn’t get out of, destroy, or injure herself on this kennel.  Did my daughter resolver her dog’s separation anxiety?  Yes she did.  Her dog no longer needs this kennel, but her dog grew to love it and know it as hers.

An Exercise Pen can be used if you need to keep your dog’s area small.  Whether introducing to a new place or just needing to keep confined to a smaller area for medical or other reasons, an exercise pen can be helpful.