Super Easy Strategies To Improve Your Mood, Which Improves Your Dog’s Mood Part 3 – Collected




We already know you’re cool.

We’ve talked about a few ways you can become calm.

Now it’s time to finish it off with collected.

Your thoughts, your actions, your ability to stay in control.


Today we’ll look at sleep, grounding, and exercise.



Most of us are deprived.

Are you?

Too many things pulling at your brain, needing your attention?

Did you know what you eat (processed junk – but you’ve been working on that, right?) and when you eat (late in the evening) can keep you up at night as well?

Or when you get tired, then push past tired for that second wind that keeps you up way too late?

Or that the blue light from TV, phone screens, computer/pad/laptop (gadgets) screens keep you awake?

Or that any light source can interfere with your sleep?

Or that a warm room can keep you up?

Or, and this is only true for some, that your dog being in bed with you can wake you from deep sleep every time he moves/makes a noise?

All true.

It’s time to pick 2 things to change.  Personally, I would get rid of light sources (to include TV and gadget screens) and keep my room cool.  I could work on the others after that.



There are two ways of grounding.  Both can be very satisfying.

First is to go barefoot on the earth.

You don’t even have to do it for very long.  About 15 minutes total each day.

If it’s hard for you to do that, start small and build up to 15 minutes.

Oh!  Gardening counts!  Getting your hands in the dirt is another great way to ground with the earth.

Here’s an interesting video.  A bit different.  ==>Click Here<==


The second way is a little more woo-woo, or witchy.

It involves sage (If you grow culinary sage, you can use that.  White ceremonial sage is becoming over wild-crafted).

Sage has been scientifically proven to clean the air when burned, so it’s not quite as witchy as you might think.

Rather than describe how and why you should do it, I’m going to attach videos instead.

With sage – to cleanse your energy from the energy of others (you don’t have to say all things she does)  ==>Click Here<==

With a cord (or a tree – you don’t have to hug a tree – haha – ever stand in the midst of trees?  Feels amazing). ==>Click Here<==

With roots (go to 1:30). ==>Click Here<==

As a meditation. ==>Click Here<==

I had a hard time finding exactly what I was looking for, but these can get you started.  Then you can find your own way to ground.  One that resonates with you.

Go ahead and give it a try.  Sage your body (to clear your energy field), then ground.

Oh yes.  The sage does stink at first, but, in time, just the scent will have a grounding effect.



Yep.  About as happy a word as diet is, right?

It’s okay.  You don’t have to run 5 miles a day or anything.

Start where you’re at and just begin to move.  It can be as simple as putting on some music and moving your body to it (caution – could excite your dog – haha).  Work up to getting outside walking with your dog.  Your dog will LOVE it.

At our house, we walk the dogs for about 1/2 hour each day (sometimes it’s quite a bit longer).  Hubby goes to the pool 3 days a week and I do Jazzercise 2 days a week (they move muscles we don’t always use, helping us not stiffen up).

Don’t forget your dog needs to run!  Play ball with your dog, or use a small light for him to chase in the dark (watch the eyes).  Playing tug can keep muscles moving and playing brain games (obedience, treat puzzles, and nose work for examples) can tire your dog out.

Exercise improves your mood and sleep.  Exercise even improves your energy levels and overall health.  Great reasons to move your body!

Choose 1 way to move your body today.

Choose 1 way to move your body tomorrow (hint – it can be the same thing 🙂 )

Each day moving forward, choose 1 way to move your body.  Yes!  Stretching (yoga from Part2 – Calm) can count if you do it every other day.


You’ve been working hard to help your dog know he doesn’t have to worry about you.  Pat yourself on the back!

Haven’t started yet?  Any action is better than no action.  Pick one thing and start with that.  Baby steps.  Soon you’ll be walking tall.


Let me know what you are trying in the comments.

Already do some of these?  Let us know how they work for you in the comments.

Did you miss the other 2 posts in this series?  Start at the beginning.  ==>Click Here<==


Peace and Joy,


P.S.  Don’t forget to join the group for the 5-day challenge that starts May 20th.  If you have been trying out the things we have been going over the past few weeks, you’ll be ahead of the game!  ==>Join Here<==

I made this video recently that includes a way that I like to ground.  Showing is so much easier than trying to describe it with words.  🙂  ==>Click Here<==



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