Super Easy Strategies To Improve Your Mood, Which Improves Your Dog’s Mood.



As we move out of April and into May, we are going to change our focus from improving your dog’s health and mood to helping you do the same thing.


Because your health and mood directly affect your dog.

Dog’s are incredible creatures.

They can smell and sense every change in your body.  From chemical changes to energetic changes.  From Illness to incredible joy.  They sense it all.

If you’re ill, they can become over-protective.

If you’re depressed or angry, they could become very timid, or very aggressive.

You get the idea.


Of course, the number one way to begin improving mood, health, energy, is through diet.

I know.  That darned 4 letter word raises it’s ugly head again.

But let’s not think of it as a bad word, because it doesn’t have to be.

Diet is actually just a way of eating.  A way to fuel your body.

You can fuel your body to become ill, depressed, even angry – or you can feed it to become well, happy, energetic.

To feed for the latter, you can start very, very small and move on from there.


Spring, of course, is a time for renewal.

It’s perfect for a new start.  Baby lettuce greens top the menu right now.

Start super slow by adding a small amount of baby salad greens (cover them with your favorite dressing) to one meal.

Day-by-day reduce the amount of that dressing to only what you need to add a little flavor to the greens.

When that begins to become a nice habit, add something new – maybe some carrot to your greens.


Greens got you troubled?  What other veggies can you think of that you might like to add in?

Maybe a cucumber sliced with a little dressing or vinegar and oil.

Just start somewhere.

Once you get moving along, keep trying something different.

Swap soda for sparkling water.  Swap bread in a sandwich for a lettuce wrap, etc.


When you are ready to dive in, or, if you’re like me, you want to dive in now, check these out.  See if any of them resonate with you.

The Whole Foods Diet

Whole Food Plant Based Diet

The Whole 30 (30-day challenge)

Diet Doctor – works for a lot of people who have not had success on any diet plans.

There are also paleo style diets and the Mediterranean style diet.

My personal diet is a sort of concoction.  I feel best low carb, but not with the heavy keto style foods.



Pick how you are going to start (slow, or dive in)

Set a day and make sure you have the food(s) ready to go.

Have a little notebook handy.  Each day note how the food tastes and how you feel before, during, after and 1 hour after eating it.  Hopefully, you’ll start seeing progress.


Stay tuned.  We’ll dive into more strategies next week.  Hint – it won’t be about food.


You can read Part 2 – Calm   ==>Click Here<==

Peace and Joy,



P.S.  What will you pick?  Let us know in the comments – easing into better foods, one of the plans listed, a different plan, or a concoction?

P.S.S.  You can also watch this video ==>Click Here<==


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