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    DCM & Kibble – Low Cost Options

        These options are Not WSAVA recommended, so do your homework. Check into these brands further to make sure you are comfortable feeding them to your dog. Contact the manufacturers and ask…

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    Broccoli In Your Kibble? Yes Please.

    This is a video. February is all about kibble add-ins and we are focusing on broccoli. This is broccoli’s intro. Let’s give broccoli a big welcome to our dog’s food bowl.

  • Intro to Dog Code

    What Is Dog Code? Bite 2

        This 2nd part of What Is Dog Code, Setting The Stage, explains how the whole method works. Basically, it is the outline for your success formula. It shows how all of…

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    What Is Dog Code? Part 1

    This is going to be a many part series that will explain and, hopefully, help you work with your dog. Why so many parts? Time. We are all very busy, and though we…