The #1 Way Summer Can Ruin Your Dog



We all look forward to summer.

Warm weather, kids are home from school, vacations, outdoor activities, family visits, trips to the beach – fun is to be had!

And your dog is included in ALL of the activities.

Of course, he is.  He’s family!

And he is having a ball!

How could summer possibly ruin your dog?


By never being not busy.  Always on the go, meeting new people, playing with the kids, visitors showering him with attention, visiting new places (that come with all sorts of exciting new smells), camping (keeping him up all night wondering what every little noise means), … you get the picture.

Your dog never gets a chance to turn off.

He is constantly up, pacing, checking in with everyone, maybe on alert if he is in a new place.

If your dog is feeling like he can never turn off, rest, nap, he’s going to become anxious, stressed out, and he might even become very bossy.


If your dog manages to make it through summer intact, the end of summer could be where he falls apart.

The sudden stop.

Everyone disappears.

The kids are back in school.

You’ve gone back to work.

No more adventures.

Your dog doesn’t know what to do with himself.  He’s been on for so long, he can’t turn off.

Boredom sets in right away – whining, crying, digging, destroying, escaping.  Gotta find some fun!

Or anxiety because he’s begun to think that you can’t do without him – same symptoms as boredom, except he’s trying to find you.


The moral of the story?

Give your dog alone time.  Let him rest.

Don’t let people constantly give your dog attention.  He needs to be able to relax when people are around.

Make sure the kids give your dog space.

You could even give him his own room (or crate/kennel in a quiet location – you could even cover it – leave the door open), where only he is allowed.  If he’s in his room, everyone knows to leave him alone.

Find ways to make your dog feel safe and secure when away from home/camping.


Giving your dog space to rest helps him cope, helps him know everything is okay, helps him not miss you so much when summer comes to an end.


Peace and Joy,


P.S. – What are your solutions for making your dog feel safe when camping?  Let us know in the comments.

P.S.S. – Already have a bossy dog?  Contact me.  Let’s work together to help your dog relax and find simple happiness again.




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