Meet Tessa, Caleb, and their beautiful rescue girl Nike


Before the training, Nike was unpredictable. My housemates and I never knew when she was in a bad mood or good.  Or when she was going to nip at someone. She was very afraid and felt like she was the queen of the home. And unfortunately, she was! Then Jennifer stepped in and saved the day! I enjoyed that she was able to tell us like it is and didn’t sugar coat the fact that we were letting our dog run the world instead of us being the parental figures she needed. She made all the changes reasonable and obtainable for my family and housemates which made the training period easier. Alongside Jennifer’s visit, I really appreciated the constant contact she had with me double checking that everything was improving or going well. Now life with Nike is much more of a breeze! She has opened up and become more friendly with my roommates.  She comes when I call her.  I can trust her off leash.  And she no longer nips at people! She has started to relax and understand that Caleb and I are her parental figures and we are going to take care of her! We are so thankful we made the jump and reached out to Jennifer for training.  –  WA